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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

That 90s Vibe

Hi loves! This past week or so I have been on SUCH a 90s vibe, like, seriously. From watching Richie Rich on repeat, to listening to Prince until my ears bleed. And not to mention using my brown eyeliner as a lip liner until its run out. I am doing the most.

But in this post I wanted to give you a quick look into the past few days in outfits!

First the face - I have been using far too much nude/peach lip liner!

Lip liner - Loreal Magique liner in nude

Hoops from H&M

Then sometimes, on a good day, I rock the dark lip. Channelling my inner Janet. Yassss! Poetic Justice on that ass!

Lip liner - BarryM red pencil liner, then Blue MUA lip liner in blue


Now the clothes!! Ahh now you know I love fashion, so I have been rocking too much plaid, too much denim, too much of all the things that make the 90s the era that no one can let go!

Snapback - Only Apparel
Lipliner - Sleek liner in Pumpkin

Jacket - Thrifted

Jacket - Newdress
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - New look
Durag - Black hair shop

Jacket - A gift
Shirt - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted

Earrings - H&M
Jacket - Topshop

Don't judge me! I was just feeling all nostalgic these past few days!! From the denim on denim, to the clashey clothes. Can you blame me?! Which was your fav look, let me know!! We can be all obsessed together lmao!! 

Okay okay I know, I am doing the most, but i thought I'd finish it off with a gif marathon with clips that will make you go, "Omg I remember that!!" Enjoy lovlies!!


Im off to feel sorry for myself an wallow in my plaid and reruns of Fresh prince of bel Air, byeeee!