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Sunday, 8 February 2015

But in the end, I only got 3 likes..?

You know the deal, if your picture only gets 3 likes on Instagram, you begin to question your whole existence. But why?

I don't know about you, but lately it feels like there has been an incredible surge in the amount of people becoming famous just from posting Instagram pictures. Asses on sinks, selfies at the gym, and three layers of makeup and a filter are the gateway to 'success'. But you know what, I find myself becoming captivated by it. The jealousy sets in and I think to myself, "If I post a picture like that, will I be invited to cavort with the pop stars and icons too"? 

I was taking the bus to work one day, and I remember seeing three or four teenagers on their way to school. But they were all dressed up in their most Tumblr worthy jackets and jumpers. And I thought to myself, if I had to be a teenage in todays society, I would go insane. My parents would be broke for a start. I would be so stressed about how many Instagram followers I had, how many likes, how many Facebook friends, retweets and views I had gotten. Not to mention how you have to have the latest of everything. iPhone, iPad, Jordans, timberlands, cameras...the list is endless. And then the expectations of school and home to attend to, life would be a constant battle to be recognised, loved, lusted over, and looked up to. 

I hate to throw out the line, "Back in my day.." but seriously, back in my day, I cannot remember one time when I was like, "OMG, my Myspace has only had 7 views this week, what am I going to do"?!?! Now I am sure there were people who thought like that, don't get me wrong, but I feel like that was the select few who where older and new there way around the newly developed social media gateway.

It has become the norm to live your life through your camera, and to enjoy the moment after it has ended. It has to been seen by everyone else, have them feel jealous, and get over 10/15 likes, and then that means the moment was worth it. Not the fact that it was just a great night, and you can take away the real feelings it gave you. You have to picture it, choose the perfect caption to make it sound more than what it was, and have people comment. Then that makes it worth it. God forbid if it likes! *dies social media suicide*

I love social media, don't get me wrong. As with any communication medium, it comes with its ups and downs, pros and cons. But just be aware that, you don't HAVE to showcase your life in a pretty filter and perfect caption. It just isn't that serious. 
I am tired of feeling like I have to post a pretty picture of the sky, instead of actually LOOKING at the sky itself. I have begun to feel so disconnected for the earth, and that really scares me. To forget how blue the sky is, because I have used so many different filters, I have lost the true image of how blue the sky actually is. 
This post really has no purpose, no message to preach, it is just to make us aware that there has been a massive change in our world lately, and that piece by piece are lives are being ruled and judged through the tiny screens in our pockets. 
When was the last time you actually turned off your phone. Completely. 

I myself couldn't even tell you, and that's kind of sad.